Shinta Kamdani: B20 Indonesia Proposes 25 Policy Recommendations for G20

Nov 13, 2022


Chair of the B20 Indonesia Shinta W. Kamdani said the B20 Indonesia had succeeded in producing 25 policy recommendations and 68 policy actions. All of these recommendations are formed with fair and sustainable growth guidelines. "At the same time, we want to push the boundaries of thinking. Therefore, we provide a fresh perspective to face the specific challenges that we will propose this year," said Shinta in her opening speech at the B20 Indonesia Summit, Sunday (13/11). According to Shinta, the implementation of B20 this year has been supported by more than 1,200 task forces and 15 industrial sectors. The policy recommendations that will be submitted are a continuation of the Italian G20 results.

Shinta said all the recommendations that have been made reflect the current condition of the global community. Meanwhile, the global event that Shinta meant was the Covid-19 pandemic, the rapid growth of digital transformation, the need for an inclusive global supply chain, and the urgent need to encourage climate action. On the other hand, Shinta assessed that the B20 Indonesia Summit had set a new record in terms of participation. Shinta noted that the B20 Indonesia Summit involved 100 speakers from more than 30 countries and 2,000 participants from more than 69 countries. For information, the B20 Indonesia Summit aims to produce policy recommendations for G20 member governments. The topics discussed at the meeting were digitalization, energy, infrastructure, trade, education, and women's issues in the business world.

Previously, Shinta said the value of the investment agreement that had been signed was more than US$ 5 billion at the B20 Investment Forum. The investment will strengthen global supply chains with a more traceable and more credible approach.

"This week we are offering a concrete proof of concept that investment and sustainable business can occur. In addition, this event offers an opportunity to collaborate in decarbonization," Shinta said at the Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022, Friday (11/11).

Shinta assesses that the B20 investment forum ascertains whether current investment opportunities have responded to future business transformations. The transformation in question is a change in the mindset of industry players in complying with consumer demands to do business in a sustainable way. Shinta said the Ministry of Investment launched a sustainable investment guide at the B20 Investment Forum. According to him, these guidelines will become the backbone of domestic business people and Indonesia's investment journey in the future.