Sekolah Alam, Merely School with Astonishing Impact

Internal PR, 15 March 2017

Sekolah Alam, Merely School with Astonishing Impact


“Innocent and cheerful laughing echoing around the corner of waste landfill, opposing the somber ambience of thousand wreckage stack. A group of scavenger children are playing hide and seek in between school break, with the background of merely school hut. Around 100 children are studying in this merely hut, the number frequently change depend on the presence of students. This is Sekolah Alam, merely school with astonishing impact on surrounding society when the people around positioning education as secondary line”


As Sintesa Group Vision of being sustainably excellence company, it focusing on several issues of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. One of them is goal number 4 – Education which accomplished over Sekolah Alam. The social problem that mostly arise on low middle income earning is about how they can manage on between education or make a living. The second choice for the most part is picked. To that, it is a heart of Sintesa to assist on this. Since the global challenges and opportunities in the future are stretched out for such as economy slowdown, trade war, Industry 4.0 it is without a doubt that skillful manpower is necessary, hence education will be crucial.


Located on waste landfill in east Jakarta, Sekolah Alam accommodate around 100 students from elementary to high school and it is tuition free. The number of attended students will be varying each day, since some of them struggling on make a living yet. Sometimes the parents are allowing their child to attend the class, mostly not. Along with Mba Lilia, one of “Guardian” teacher who never gave up easily and daring to overstep the limits, Sintesa Group entwine the collaboration. And this collaboration has deliver an outcome, one of student successfully passing the test and be appointed as one of scholarship grantee from University of Indonesia.  And with the faith of hope and efforts, we wish for more to come.