PT Minahasa Permai Resort Development

Minahasa Permai Resort Development was established in 1992 as a dream project of Sintesa Group founder Johnny Widjaja. They envisioned Pulisan Bay as an eco-resort area and started developing their ideas when the 1998 monetary crisis forced the project to come to a halt.

In 2014, the whole dream was revisited and expanded into a concept of "sustainability through nature culture conservation". In December 2019, the Government of Indonesia granted this project the title "Special Economic Zone as well as Super Priority Destination". The development is currently known as KEK Likupang - Pulisan Bay.

A complete eco-tourism resort is currently being developed, focusing on marine and wildlife sanctuary tourism with first-class service. It offers all sorts of marine touring activities within a naturally preserved marine life. Our goal is to promote Indonesia by offering international tourists the opportunity to enjoy its unique and preserved national treasures.