Life at Sintesa

We believe that adopting company values ​​as part of the work culture and daily behavior of employees will play a major role in collective leadership. Sintesa Group believes that nothing is more important than employees as company assets. We are committed to dynamically developing our people based on our Corporate Value 4E, which have become the foundation of our steadfast governance.

Living in the Value Sintesa Group, has become a center for developing corporate value. Empowerment, Empathy, Entrepreneurship and Excellence, through 10 key behaviors consisting of:

1. Care
2. Respect
3. Social responsible
4. Actively Involve and Work in Harmony
5. Guiding and developing
6. The desire to always excel
7. Persistent and agile
8. Creative and innovative
9. Ability to manage risk
10.Visionary and proactive

To encourage employee performance to become individuals capable of adopting the 4E behavior, we regularly hold a Champions of Excellence & Best Employee Awards. In addition, we continue to develop and enhance the skills of our employee by holding regular team building, training and workshops. 

Since 2020, we have continued to develop employee development modules through the Sintesa Development Executive Class. We have also invited many experts and leaders to share their knowledge and discuss with employees to gain insight and knowledge.