100 Years Journey of Sintesa Group

Our history begins in 1919 with the foundation of Oey Kim Tjiang’s visionary leadership. In 1959, under the leadership of the second generation, Johnny Widjaja decided to re-innovate the business into a trading company with numerous locals and international business partners from various industries. Thereafter, in the next 40 years, having several unique businesses and industries, Sintesa Group began to develop strong growth and governance under the leadership of Shinta Widjaja Kamdani who have created breakthroughs in creating business synergies to become a Sustainable Excellence Company.



Oey Kim Tjiang started our business in 1919 as a rubber plantation named N.V Handelsbouw en cultuur Maatschappij. This business is the beginning of Sintesa Group’s journey, which was started by the family’s first generation.



In 1959, we altered the name of N.V Handelsbouw en Cultuur Maatschappij to PT. Tigaraksa and shifted our focus to trading as the core business. Our continued growth also came with increased dealings with various local and international audiences, from customers to shareholders and suppliers to partners such as Johnson & Johnson, Tom-Warner, Wyeth-Ayerst Sterling, BASF of Germany and many more.



The year 1999 is another crucial milestone in Sintesa Group’s journey. Sintesa Group was born due to the decision of the third generation of the family, Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, who recognized the value of creating synergistic transformation. In doing so, Sintesa Group synergized various independent companies into one integrated identity that reflects our identity as a strategic investment holding company and a leading brand that can be trusted globally. This change marked a new milestone for our business with a focus on four main pillars: Property, Energy, Industrial Products and Consumer Products. Under these four business pillars, Sintesa Group has invested in sixteen companies with two pillars listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Driving for Sustainable Excellence


A family business with a journey of 100 years and still moving forward is solid evidence that sustainability matters, not only makes profit the only goal, but also how the business can have a significant impact on people and planet. In pursuing the achievement of our Vision to become a Sustainable Excellence Company, we incorporate SDGs into our business model and responsible business practice by developing our very own SDGs Roadmap: Sintesa for the Earth. With clean and renewable energy initiatives, eco-friendly tourism and health impact principles, the Sintesa Group has committed more than ever to progress in championing sustainable business and creating multi stakeholders value.