Clean Water and Sanitation

Water Sanitation, Hygiene and Recycling


In realizing our pursuit to protect and conserve water resources, Sintesa Group is committed to ensuring availability and sustainability of water and sanitation. This is achieved through our water management approaches across our industry pillars, under 3R methods: Reducing, Reusing and Reaching. We have made sure that intensive control and monitoring are applied in order to reduce water usage in our day-to-day operation.

With sufficient water facilities, we are able to purify our wastewater to be reused for gardening, outdoor cleaning and toilet flushing, aligned with the WHO standard. We continuously improve our water usage efficiency by using automatic water tap for our hospitality industry. To amplify our efforts in pursuing water conservation and management, we also communicate our commitments and establish joint support with all employees and customers. All of these are the part of our commitment to implement the Water Conservation Rating Tools from the Greenship Rating Tools.